Advantages of using power modules


Different vendors currently offer a variety of different power modules in the market, and the input voltage, output power, function and topology of different products are different. Power modules save development time and allow products to be brought to market faster, so power modules outperform integrated solutions. The power module has the following advantages:

● Each module can be individually rigorously tested to ensure its high reliability, including power-on testing to eliminate substandard products. In contrast, an integrated solution is harder to test because the entire power system is tied to other functional systems on the circuit.

● Different suppliers can design modules of the same size according to existing technical standards, providing engineers with different options for designing power supplies.

● Each module is designed and tested in accordance with standard performance requirements to help reduce the risk of adopting new technologies.

● If an integrated solution is used, once the power supply system has problems, the entire motherboard needs to be replaced. If the modular design is used, the problem module can be replaced, which can save cost and development time.